Monday, July 16, 2007

jenn and joe

allow me to introduce you all to the wonderful jenn and joe :] dave and i had the pleasure of taking their engagement shots a couple days back.

to get this shot i had to lay down in dirt and leaves and gravel which all, somehow, made it's way into my pants when i stood up. good times :]

whispering sweet nothings on the stairs...


too fun you guys! can't wait for the wedding on august 18th :]

Friday, July 6, 2007

welcome back noah!

noah, rain's BFF, finally got back from his trip to canada the other day! i know my sister and i are really glad to have him back, it's been a pretty boring week without him around :]

rain and noah at the flower fields on mother's day. we were constantly on the lookout for the security guard who would have a heart attack if you even attempted to smell the flowers.
rain and noah briskly frolicking through the flowers away from security. those meddling kids.

it seems rain forgot to take her cootie shots. ;]