Monday, June 25, 2007

trash the dress

hey all! i finally got around to creating my own blog and what better way to start than by showing the utter destruction of wedding dresses. tons of extremely talented photographers and beautiful couples came downtown yesterday for a great time of wading through fountains, playing in a tractor, and having a water gun fight to the death. all in all everything needed for a great photoshoot. :]

a big thank you to everyone who participated and Alyssa for organizing this awesome event!


kimi the blogette master said...

well, well, well!!! very cool aboo. I'M THE FIRST TO COMMENT!! I ROCK!!! nice pics you'll go far if you keep pushin yourself, not me , you! or hermoine either!

Angel said...

Great photos April!!!! I think these were some of the one's I told your mom were my favorite! So many talented people in one family!

yuki said...

You are so absolutely talented. You never stop impressing me.
For being so young, your natural talent to see amazing shots is as if you have had years and years of experience. Great pictures!
I know that everyone in your family is sooooo proud of the work you do. Keep it up lil mama!!! Love ya….yuki