Tuesday, August 21, 2007

jenn and joe's wedding august 18th

last saturday me, dave, and rowena from http://rowenacurtis.com/ got to shoot joe and jenn's wedding at a little church in encinitas. it was an awesome day, it was warm, the sun was shining and everyone had a smile on their face :] here's a few of my shots from the day.

ro had a great idea for the shoe shot, and put them on the piano in the dressing room. she has a great knack for shooting details
jenn and her dad before the ceremony. he was the sweetest man you could ever meet, he had me torn between laughing and crying during his speech at the reception.

jenn and joe were all smiles after the ceremony.

i'm still trying to think of what magazine jenn walked out of, she was an awsome model :]
joe on top of some old air condtioners on the side of the church. he can make any setting look good.

mmmm.... caaaake..

jenn and joe you guys are awesome, your wedding was too fun! everyone was insanely nice and funny, i was in stiches during the toasts at your reception. i can't wait to see you guys again at your trash the dress session.


Angel said...

Beautiful pictures April!!! I really like the one of Joe, outside in front of the building with the wheat (or whatever that is) in front of him and the one of Jenn with her dad! Beautiful couple!!!

sdohana said...

now that's a fierce looking couple! very moody shots, nice work april

rowena said...

was i at the same wedding? cuz girlie you got some kewl angles i didn't get! you rawk! thanks to you both for putting up with me and my myriad of Q's!

Nely said...

you're soo, soo good! your framing, compositions, attention to detail, all solid! AND you're only EIGHTEEN! I can't even fathom where you'll be in 10 years!

Melissa said...

Awesome shots April! i love the one of Joe checking out the ring!

april rosburg said...

thanks a lot everyone! it means a lot coming from all you talented photographers!

melissakoehlerphotography said...

Great shots April!
Love the flower shot with her peeking out from behind. So cute!

~Desiree said...

These are beautiful as well! So glad I stumbled upon your awesome blog!